The screen text size is small, very small and painfully unreadable for somebody who has to carry around a credit card sized magnifier just to read labels on grocery store products. There is some scope for increasing the size of everything, but not everything needs to be bigger, so the best solution for me has been to pin the magnifier to the taskbar.

And yes, I am using the apps in the true spirit of testing Windows 10. I have not cheated by installing Photo Gallery from Windows Essentials.. yet.. Smile

The Photos app..

I quite like this one. The background is a cool Vista black, photos showing up very nicely against it. Selecting a photo and clicking along the top of it brings up a toolbar, and a further click on what looks to me like a pencil brings up a menu which has nine elements.

One of these elements is ‘straighten’. If skewed horizons in photos really annoy you, this is a great little function, easy to use as are all of the functions.

The Music app..

I find this every bit as annoying as Windows Media Player 7 and onwards.

There are three ways to sort out your music list..

  1. Albums.. who ever remembers what song was from which album unless you bought and played something almost to destruction?
  2. Artists.. the artists name appears but how about the song title too just for the times when you might have sixty or more songs by one artist..
  3. Songs.. if this list was in alphabetical order like it SHOULD be, and copied the list of songs as I named them years ago, it might actually be a useful list.. 

WMP has similar issues and I won’t use it. I have to get songs to play from File Explorer which negates ever making a play list. I have nothing more to say..

The Mail app..

I am using an account on it, but there is still NO facility to add a POP3 account and my guess is that there never will. This is fine as long as your ISP does IMAP, but I am not sure that all do.

Other than that, like other apps, you have to click around to see where controls and settings are and what the icons do. A bit frustrating, but like all things, you do get used to all of it.

So, these two of the three apps above are the only ones that I am ever likely to use, but if I do try any of the others, I might write up on them..