Lenovo was wrong.. See here 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t surprise me that an OEM did this. What hurts is that I have recommended Lenovo hardware as a good replacement for other makes. I probably still will too because I always do the initial setup for my clients and can shoot Superfish before they get it.


In the present world of IT, anything goes as long as there is money in it, but no OEM should need to inject malware/spyware in from new. No website which claims to help computer users should have ads to malware/spyware, but they do. Money changes people and everything else that it touches.

The rush to cloud computing, regardless of what anybody says (they told us that nuclear power generation was safe at one time), puts security to be bottom of the pile. Everything we do on the Internet seems to require more persona; info input, and the IoT will cap that off nicely.

As it is, there is little escape and almost daily stories of breaches and Government spying. The joke is on us for subscribing to the new ways.

Call me a dinosaur or anything you wish, but I think that it is all bad. Connectivity is as much a double edged sword as nuclear fission proved to be.

Remember Newton’s Third Law.. “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”, and don’t start bleating when ‘equal and opposite’ come looking for you..