My Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000 has finally been pensioned off.

Yesterday, the scroll function, very important when using a 19” widescreen when surfing, totally gave up the ghost. The rechargeable batteries are getting a recharge and the mouse is sitting very disconsolately on the edge of the desk.

The mouse was the star of this Microsoft desktop set. It was a nice shape, good feel, very smooth, very responsive, but Microsoft does NOT supply the mouse as a separate item anymore.

So I am back to using the slightly quirky Logitech M600 touch mouse for the time being. Will I get another Microsoft mouse? Probably not because the scroll wheels don’t seem to have any lasting qualities..

The Goldcrest WPEA-113N wireless PCIe card as originally fitted in my HP Elite M9500Y will be getting a proper antenna quite soon, and hopefully will perform well enough to go back into the HP. Currently, it is running on a TP-Link WN881ND, but the WPEA-113N is a special version which has no external antenna connections, and is enabled via BIOS. When enabled, it  shows as working on the HP’s front panel. It’s no big deal really except that I want to put the TP-Link card back into my production machine and don’t want trailing antenna wires floating around in it.