When I saw reference to Stardock Start10, I quickly found my way to the Stardock home page here, only to find that one has to be a subscriber to Stardock’s ‘Object Desktop’ which only costs $49.99.

What a deal that is, in my case a complete and utter deal breaker. So no, I won’t be trying it out anytime soon, maybe even never as there is just enough of a classic Windows 10 start menu to make it palatable.

I can’t say that I am impressed by Stardock’s decision to make it available only to Object Desktop subscribers. I was more than willing to use Start10 and pay a bit for it because I was so grateful for what Stardock did for Windows 8, but I am not $50 grateful. Sorry boys and girls at Stardock..  Sad smile

Classic Shell..

Hmmm. It worked on the initial versions of the Windows 10 preview but doesn’t on 9879 and 9926 builds. It appears that Microsoft hard blocked the installation, but I have heard that renaming the ‘installer’ gets around the problem to some degree.

There is a beta 4.2.0 version here which takes you straight to the download..

.. and it does seem to work ok..

I have to admit that I do prefer using the Windows 7 style menu. It suits what I do better because my PC is used to store all types of data which is used to fix other PCs, and I get much quicker access to all of it that can be had through the Windows 8 default or slightly improved Windows 10 offering.


The update..

I will say this. I think that the new Windows 10 menu is probably better suited to small screens than a Windows 7 style menu is. I may not leave Classic Shell on the Toshiba Netbook for this reason..