This is the website.. 

It boots from cold, bypassing Windows but there is no need to do this unless you have something like the FBI virus which intercepts the Windows login screen, essentially locking you out of your own computer. So..

Would I buy one? No

Would I recommend it to others? No

Do I think that it is worth $60 per year? No

The first No..

I wouldn’t trial or buy one because I know from personal experience that there is no anti-virus solution which can leave your PC free and clean after one pass. It just doesn’t happen.

The second No..

When I clean a PC for any of my clients, I do a complete job and that will include fixing minor corruptions, pop up windows and other crap which the anti-virus/malware solutions almost certainly can’t do. If the corruptions are major, I do a complete re-install, setting up the computer EXACTLY as it would have been before being hit by a virus or malware, and I do it for less than the one year FixMeStick subscription.

I don’t make very much out of what I do, but the finished job and a quick talk on how to avoid being hit again generally lasts my clients a good two years of problem-free computing. It works out at between $12.50 and $25 per year.

The third No..

You are basically buying a flash drive and a concept for $60 because the virus removers that it uses are ALL FREELY available on the Internet, updates and all.

I get paid for returning a computer to problem-free computing. There is nothing in my charges to cover the download of free utilities when taking into consideration the time that it takes to get it back to problem-free.


The worst of it is that they got backing from the Dragons Den people which is like getting a recommendation from Oprah, almost instant success, yet their product guarantees nothing.

I found a review on YouTube which says it all really.. see below..

Fix Me Stick review.. 

Below is a link to a website which has a list of FIFTEEN bootable anti-virus solutions, all free.. 

You can make a bootable CD or a USB flash drive on another computer, maybe a family member or friend if your computer is already compromised, and all it will cost you is the price of a CD or a small 1gb USB flash drive. If your computer is running fine now, you could make one for future use for way less than the trial or years subscription to FixMeStick, and it would do exactly the same job.

Save your cash and don’t subscribe to this product. In many cases, it would not leave the computer in a particularly good state and you looking for more help which would cost even more..

This product promises a dream that would almost certainly turn into a nightmare for the user