Windows 10 Preview 10130..

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.. and the Netbook is still ok: It is also running the Microsoft Solitaire Collection preview and Microsoft Office 2016 preview, and everything works very well.. 10130 is all about cleaning and polishing, so no big new features in this one, not that I have seen much of what I would call BIG. Features like […]

This week @ TCG..

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Production machine maintenance: The X Port on the CM690 gave up on me, so now the best feature of the case, and the reason for buying the case, will cost more than $50 to fix. This is because the offending circuit board in the top of the case has given out and CoolerMaster only supply […]

Fire Age???

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It’s all about ‘Game of War’, ya know. You’re square if you don’t have this life giving app in your arsenal. So quick down to the App Store and sign up to be Kate Upton’s hero. Yo, it’s true. See for yourself..  It’s FREE to play and there are hints on YouTube regarding staying […]

Windows 10 preview 10122..

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is up and running on the NB250. To be honest. I don’t care what else happens. This is just about an aging Toshiba Netbook and getting more life out of it. It gives hope to other machines of 2010 vintage, low-powered like the Toshiba or better stuff like my production machine and others. Obviously, or […]

Windows 10.. the next build..

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What I would like in the next build: Responsive power plan settings. Regardless of how I set it up, Windows 10 does as it likes. Apps and programs that pin to the Start menu, NOT the task bar. An end to the ridiculous Windows Update process where presently it is impossible to hide updates that […]

Wireless printers..

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Q1. Why do they go offline? Answer:  Because they can.. Q2.. Is it worth running the printer trouble shooter? Answer:   Not really because the computer will not find the printer because the printer has gone offline. Q3.. How do I get the computer to see the printer again? Answer:   Go through the Wi-Fi setup from […]

Opting out of hardware updates..

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When you are trying your best to keep a computer up and running, it is annoying when the system does it’s best to thwart you. Such is the issue with the Windows 10 Preview. I have all of my computers set to ignore hardware updates and it works except for 10 on the Netbook. It’s […]

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