.. and the Netbook is still ok:

It is also running the Microsoft Solitaire Collection preview and Microsoft Office 2016 preview, and everything works very well..

10130 is all about cleaning and polishing, so no big new features in this one, not that I have seen much of what I would call BIG. Features like Cortana and speech recognition are more annoying to me than big, so I ignore them. It doesn’t leave much.. oh well.

Outlook 2016:

.. is a lot like its predecessors so is easy to fall into using. I have set up a couple of lesser accounts, and have not imported anything from my main PC because the Toshiba is portable and I am not about to take the chance of losing it full of info..

The Solitaire Collection:

Well, at least I will have something that runs on the Netbook. These games work fine, but not all games do because of the very restrictive screen resolution. The Toshiba has the 1024 x 600 screen. Later netbooks like Acers have 1366 x 768 which is a huge step up..

The Netbook is managing more than I ever thought it would, so for now it gets to keep it’s very own hard drive.. Smile