FREE Windows 10..

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The more that you read, the worse it all gets, but as I see it, the picture is quite clear. SO.. After July 29th, assuming that your PC was running Windows 7 or 8 from the hard drive, and you find yourself running Windows 10 from the VERY SAME hard drive, you have a free […]

Email clients for Windows 10..

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There are webpages which proclaim best this and best that and this one deals with email clients.  There is no ‘best’. It is all down to whatever suits you. I grew up on Windows Outlook Express, am used to the setup, general feel etc, and am not dumb enough to dislike Microsoft and have […]

Scratch GWX..

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and it still doesn’t go away. I give in. I’ll upgrade to Windows 10 Really, I promise to do it as soon as possible. I like Windows 10 and have promised. What else can I do to stop GWX appearing in the N.A.? Nothing simple works and it is beginning to annoy,, truly,,

Windows 10 Upgrading..

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For your information.. A nice article here on the Windows 10 upgrade process. Give it a good read through because you are going to lose some of your older stuff. Microsoft persist in quoting this.. Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster processor or SoC RAM: 1 gigabyte (GB) for 32-bit or 2 GB for 64-bit […]

No native Media or DVD playback? In Windows 10?

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There are apps.. .. which look like they might, but to me, they are not very good. There is a function called ‘Film and TV’ but it looks primitive at best. There are rumours that Microsoft may produce a replacement for Media Center, but the article I read about the demise of Media Center did […]

Ready for 10? You should be..

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In general: Windows 10 is ok, better than ok actually. My Netbook was one stodgy, slow Windows 7 performer, but now it boots quicker, resumes quicker, just seems like a new machine. It will never be a top performer, but I am impressed by how Windows 10 works on it. It has shown just how […]

A gentle reminder.. Updated..

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Coming to a notification area near you: It’s unobtrusive and you can’t click on it by accident and start the Windows 10 upgrade immediately because that is NOT how it works. Can you spot the ‘extra’ which appeared on my NA? Yes, it is the Windows 8/10 logo, and this is what it looks like […]

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