In general:

Windows 10 is ok, better than ok actually. My Netbook was one stodgy, slow Windows 7 performer, but now it boots quicker, resumes quicker, just seems like a new machine. It will never be a top performer, but I am impressed by how Windows 10 works on it.

It has shown just how old-hat Windows 7 is by today’s standards. I have known that since installing Windows 8 on my big machine, so it comes as no surprise to me.

Do I like the Windows 8 style apps? No, I don’t but Windows 10 will run traditional desktop versions just like Windows 7 and 8 did.

Older peripheral devices:

This is a tough one. When hardware works , it is hard to dump it but, older hardware, while it may be working, may not be working as efficiently as newer stuff.

This is definitely true of printers and ink use. New models are generally much greener where ink use is concerned, and the better printers (not necessarily the most expensive, btw) have separate cartridges for each of the colours.

Wi-fi adapters of the G type are also on the ‘must replace’ list. I doubt that there are drivers for many of them anymore but, with a maximum throughput of only 54mb, would you want it as part of your 100mb Internet connection? Let it go, and any old G router you have. They are museum pieces..

Old software:

If you want to play old games, run old PIMs etc, buy an old computer on which to do only that, and maintain your shiny new machine as an ‘old software’ free zone.

No, it is not easy to give up on some software, but you have to be sensible about it, especially where there is no longer any support because the original authors dumped on their one-time baby.

Chez TCG:

I have to make factory recovery disks for the big Lenovo, but I will not be doing that for the Netbook or the HP Elite. They will get the Windows 10 upgrade pretty much as soon as it is offered up.

My big machine will be the last to be updated mainly because it is still stable and I can sort issues out if anything goes wrong with the others. This PC holds everything that is needed for the other computers on the network. This is the one which will get Start10 installed if only to facilitate the way I work and the purpose to which the big machine is put.

The others will rely on the stock Windows 10 Start menu which will be fine for what the users do on the respective machines.