The more that you read, the worse it all gets, but as I see it, the picture is quite clear.


After July 29th, assuming that your PC was running Windows 7 or 8 from the hard drive, and you find yourself running Windows 10 from the VERY SAME hard drive, you have a free copy of Windows 10 which will have a function to create recovery media such that it can be kept running for free for the life of the machine.

If you choose NOT to create the recovery media and something goes wrong big time, who’s fault is that?

A clean Preview..

This will also get the full upgrade, BUT it is NOT the same as if the upgrade is done from a running Windows 7 and 8. In order to stay FREE, the user will have to STAY in the Insider Program.

My Netbook is running a clean Preview, BUT I was careful to keep the qualifying Windows 7 on the original hard drive. Before July 29th, I will re-instate the drive, do any updates that are require, and then let the upgrade do its stuff. In this way, I will get the full FREE experience..

Operating system upgrades have always required that they are done from a qualifying base, and in this case, the base is Windows 7 and 8.