Windows 10.. protecting it..

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Sorry to harp on this topic so much, but I want to save you from abject disappointment in the event that your system has a major crash.. SO, go to here..’ .. read and reread, then take practice runs at what it tells you until such time as you are sure about what you […]

Make a copy or lose it..

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The impending Windows 10 is being offered to all Windows 7 and 8 users for FREE, but it is not free forever, and you will have to keep your copy safe. Now is the time to learn how to BACK UP. This is a good place to start.. It deals with the backup function […]

Windows 10 – At Home

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Are you a dyed-in-the-wool Windows 7 user? Windows 7 was good, a welcome relief from what became the Vista saga, but it was never going to be the best ever Windows operating system. No Windows operating system has ever been the best ever but it might have made it to ‘best to date’. Well, there […]

10 Reasons for Windows 10

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I have been out of the loop for a while due to health issues, but I am back for a while at least, and would like to put my weight behind the core of this article. I was so against tiles in Windows 8 and not without reason. They were HORRID AND UNRELIABLE. My […]

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