The impending Windows 10 is being offered to all Windows 7 and 8 users for FREE, but it is not free forever, and you will have to keep your copy safe. Now is the time to learn how to BACK UP.

This is a good place to start..

It deals with the backup function found in Windows but you can use any solution you like. The important part is that you back up, make a copy, call it whatever you like.

I like Aomei Backupper..

It’s simple, works across multiple operating systems and is easily installable. There are others but they all look very similar and do essentially the same job. Aomei is free by the way.

The end result if you do Not try to protect your free copy of Windows 10 is that you will have to start paying out, either to the manufacturer for recovery disks of your original operating system, or for retail versions of Windows 10, $99 for the standard version and $199 for the pro version.

I would think that either option above is a good incentive to go for the back up route which you should have been doing anyway if only to ensure that all of your precious data was and is not in just one breakable container.