I have a total of five PCs directly under my control, two of which were put together by me.

The OEM machines are:

  1. A Lenovo G780, i3, 8gb, 500gb HDD. This is used by my wife.
  2. A Toshiba NB250, Atom, 2gb, 500gb HDD. I use this one to detect Wi-Fi and reset client Wi-Fi router and wireless printer set ups.
  3. An HP Elite Desktop M9500Y, AM2 Phenom 9750, 8gb, 500gb HDD. This one was given to me in a very sorry state, but a few parts later and some TLC and it runs very well indeed.

The Home builds are:

  1. A Gigabyte G880, AM3 Phenom II 9650, 8Gb, 500 + 320Gb HDDs. This is my production machine and is the centre of all that I do.
  2. A Conroe 1333 775, Pentium D Dual core, 2gb, 320gb HDD. My wife’s mother uses this one.

The Lenovo is the newest (2012), and the Conroe 1333 is the oldest (2005/6).

My main machine presently runs Windows 8.1, all of the others run Windows 7, but this will change as my plan is to take advantage of the free Windows 10 upgrade which will be available after July 29th 2015.