For the last eight years, my blog (along with many other MVP blogs) came to you via Community Server. Our esteemed Administrator has worked hard to support us on CS, but unfortunately, CS has done nothing since CS 2007 and complaints about it have been rife from all points of the compass.

So, it is a new start, we knew that it was coming, but conversion from CS to this new WordPress format was an impossible task, but look see. Old posts..

I would like to thank Susan Bradley for her guidance and support over the years, and I look forward to continuing under her guidance and support for as long as I am able to put words together in an understandable fashion..

Welcome to Microsoft MVPs. I will endeavour as always to produce articles that are interesting an informative, aimed at an audience which doesn’t get the help or advice that it needs or deserves, namely the home user or hobbyist starting out..

The time starts NOW.. :-)