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I did a test similar to this a while back. Mine wasn’t quite as cool as this one, maybe only one screenshot, and nothing like as much text, but lots of text is not my style. The link takes you to the story about what happens if you go for freeware.. See here.. I am […]

Event Viewer issues @ TCG.. updated

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I never get many of these but one or two are persistent. Hibernation use continues to put a regular error into Event Viewer, and as yet I have found no way to stop it . There is,a CAPI2 entry, error 513. Cryptographic Services failed while processing the OnIdentity() call in the System Writer Object.. There […]

These annoying crashes.. Updated

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No dump files, no BSODs, no nothing, just shutting off faster than you can ever get Windows to shut down normally. This has been what my PC has been doing at least once per day for the last two weeks. I haven’t added hardware or software for quite a while and the PC is not […]

I’m really excited about this!!

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So a guy buys a cheap tablet thinking that it will cope with all of his needs.. “I have a cheap PC that has a small 32gb hard drive.” It ISN’T a PC.. “When i first powered it on it had around 22-24gb of usable space. it crashed and became unusable and couldn’t even go […]

Two Windows annoyances..

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.. which will NOT go away. Annoyance #1: The language icon in the Notification Area. Here it is again.. The date says it all. No matter what settings I change, every time I reboot, it is back. Annoyance #2: Window size and placement. The Internet Explorer window has a nasty habit of not maintaining size […]

Taking ownership..

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Wah.. what a pain. All you want to do is copy data files from an old XP hard drive, and when Windows 7 or 8 prompts you to take ownership and ‘continue, nothing happens.It shouldn’t be difficult, and guess what? It isn’t. There is a link on this website.. yes this one .. which contains […]

Keyboard language..

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I’m an ex-pat Brit living in Canada, and there is a very good chance that my first language will be English. Canada uses English UK spelling for many words, so the obvious choice for a keyboard language is English (Canada), and if I go to keyboard settings, English (Canada) is the ONLY language in the […]

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