Opting out of hardware updates..

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When you are trying your best to keep a computer up and running, it is annoying when the system does it’s best to thwart you. Such is the issue with the Windows 10 Preview. I have all of my computers set to ignore hardware updates and it works except for 10 on the Netbook. It’s […]

The Logitech Marathon M705 mouse..

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It arrived around lunchtime and it didn’t take me too long to insert batteries and get it going. Zut Alors: The mouse pointer was everywhere, and adjusting in SetPoint was not working well at all. Looking into the problem, it fast became obvious why. Unlike the MS Wireless 5000 mouse, this Logitech mouse does NOT […]

My new Logitech mouse ..

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.. will displace the M600 which will soon be paired back with the Toshiba Netbook. I say soon but really mean anything up to 21 days because I have bought a replacement for the aging and broken MS Wireless 5000.online. The new mouse: It will be the Logitech Marathon M705 Laser mouse, c/w unifying receiver. […]

Design over functionality..

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The case: Logitech M600 Touch mouse and derivatives.. This is how it looks.. It has the look and feel of a polished beach pebble but, like most polished beach pebbles, it is not designed to fit nicely into a hand. It has a much lower profile than a regular mechanical mouse, so placing one’s hand […]

MSCONFIG – How many processors..

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A wrong assumption: For a while now, I have been making a wrong assumption about the ‘number of processors’ setting in MSCONFIG. I honestly believed that it was a throwback or compatibility issue with multi-socket motherboards which used to be more freely available than they are now. In the old days before multi-core CPUs, not […]

My Netbook..

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The Toshiba is now sporting the rather old-fashioned and dull Windows 7 again. It is still ploughing through hundreds of updates which have been accruing since 2009, and I feel quite sad about it. The NB250 is fiercely under-powered and awkward to use, but I think that it deserves better. But all is not lost. […]

Windows 10 on the NB250.. More driver issues..

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The Windows 10 Toshiba NB250 partnership looks like it may be coming to an end, and with it of course my participation in the Windows 10 Insider program. I will be a little disappointed, but I am not laying blame anywhere. The NB250 never had manufacturer support beyond Windows 7, and I never thought that […]

Windows 10 on the NB250.. It all came crashing down..

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It all started with an update for the Wi-Fi adapter which returned a BSOD stating a problem with athwb.sys. Windows 10 wouldn’t let me beyond this, so I had to look for a repair. Windows 10 wouldn’t let me do that either because it claimed that there was no administrator account, even though the ONLY […]

Wi-Fi woes.. Updated

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Having taken delivery of the Intel Wi-Fi adapter late this morning, I set about making changes and had decided to install it into the Lenovo and was greeted with a message which made it very clear that the machine did not like its new part. There was no option to do anything other than close […]

Desktop fun.. I love desktops..

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The big one: Speedfan was telling me that internal temperatures were on the rise in my production desktop, so it was time to take a look inside. It weighs a proverbial ton, and lifting it up onto the desk is awkward to say the least. Opening the side reveals an all black interior which makes […]

Windows 10 – a Netbook driver issue

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It’s all about the touchpad this time. The touchpad works fine, in fact everything does, but the Toshiba supplied Windows 7 driver  driver includes an option to disable the touchpad if a USB mouse is connected in Windows 7 but not Windows 10. While other Toshiba supplied Windows 7 drivers have worked, the touchpad driver […]

Windows 10 updater..

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In build 9926, there is no provision to access Windows Update via Control Panel. All you get is a section in ‘Settings’ which allows for ‘automatic update’ or ‘notify before installing’ Supposing that there is a hardware device driver in there that constantly produces a blue screen and a reboot. How are you supposed to […]

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