This week @ TCG

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It has been a fairly quiet week here. Clients: The client with the Vista desktop machine is still complaining of freezing now and again, and I was supposed to be taking a Linux box over to him today. After a clean install, the HP machine is apparently still not stable, freezing up every now and […]

Window sizing..

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Here we go again.. Half a window.. Grrrrrrrrrrr I have yet to find any method to make it stick at the size I want it to be. It only happens with an IE window. Everything else stays put.

Internet Explorer woes revisited..

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I have some very bad news for all of you Internet Explorer haters. But first, I want to reassure you all that I am NOT one of them. I have been an Internet Explorer user from the very beginning, and I actively campaigned to get the ludicrously bad Netscape Navigator replaced by Internet Explorer with […]

Windows 8.1 Update on a first generation Netbook..

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aka ‘Why you should never upgrade an OS on an old machine’.. I used an MSDN image of Windows 8.1 Update to create a bootable USB installation stick, and made the media with this.. ISO to USB .. a very simple and easy to use utility. The Toshiba NB250 recognised it immediately and, despite generally […]

My home/start page..

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This is Protopage.. .. and I have been using it since the demise of Pageflakes. It is an Ajax home/start page which is customizable, not quite to the degree that others were (way less widgets), but very good for bookmarks, news, and the Dilbert cartoon. Anyway, since upgrading to Windows 8.1 Update, I have […]

Firefox again..

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Due to a Java update recently, I am unable to view ‘Live Timing’ on the Official F1 website. I tried uninstalling Java and putting it back, and it works just ONE time, then Windows 8, without any notification, inserts the last update and POOF, it stops working again. Why is it important for me to […]

Internet Explorer woes

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After having run Internet Explorer 11 successfully on a Toshiba NB250, a Lenovo G780 and an AMD 939 machine all running Windows 7, only two are still ok. The replacement for the AMD 939, an HP Pavilion M9500Y, freshly installed with Windows 7 Ultimate, will run it but very poorly. At first launch, IE 11 […]

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