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This is the website..  It boots from cold, bypassing Windows but there is no need to do this unless you have something like the FBI virus which intercepts the Windows login screen, essentially locking you out of your own computer. So.. Would I buy one? No Would I recommend it to others? No Do […]


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I did a test similar to this a while back. Mine wasn’t quite as cool as this one, maybe only one screenshot, and nothing like as much text, but lots of text is not my style. The link takes you to the story about what happens if you go for freeware.. See here.. I am […]

This week @ TCG..

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Not too much happening on the Windows 10 front, no updates, no nothing really. I am not using it day to day because I can’t fully replicate what I do in Windows 8 without taking Windows 8 down. So not much to say. On the Windows 8 front, today is the first in three weeks […]

The Internet is an unforgiving place..

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After the mess that was my last three ‘get it working again’ jobs, tonight I decided to see just how easy it was to replicate the three computers. The easiest way is to try to pirate activation codes, so I looked up an Angry Birds activation, and this is what happened next.. A link to […]

Contagion in the cables..

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Of the last three computer to come by me, only one was salvageable without resorting to total recovery. The two laptops became nightmares as work progressed. It was easy enough to get rid of the bad stuff and the popups, but trying to repair the corruption in the operating system proved to be ultimately impossible. […]

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