Windows Updates – February edition..

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My production machine again proved to be the difficult one. It was the first to download them and ask for a reboot but, of the seventeen updates,  it managed only nine. A second run at the other eight saw them all install as Microsoft intended. Now, it keeps offering the Defender rollup time and again. […]

Windows 9 preview..

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Some screenshots for you.. Computer Base .. It’s all in German, but photos tell a thousand words. Its nice to see Windows reverting back to Windows and not ‘Window’ like 8 was. I don’t suppose for a second that the Start Menu will be all that it was in XP, but better what is being […]

When older software does not run, who is liable?

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If you try to install and run older 3rd party software in Windows and it doesn’t run, asks for dll’s or anything else.. .. it is not up to Microsoft to provide an answer.. .. Microsoft has no financial interest in the sale of new versions of 3rd party software or hardware.. .. it is […]

Compulsory updates for IE11..

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See here. As usual, there is a smattering of anti-Microsoft people posting, but I am not put off by any of it and neither should you be. I left a post stating my view.. ‘ ‘ALL browsers and operating systems have to update. So what is the difference in this case? I am a […]

The trouble with ………….

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I paid a visit to TigerDirect recently and was immediately jumped on by one of the new commission-only sales staff. When asked, I told him that I was in for a CPU fan, and he followed me down to the appropriate area. The fan was for an aging Dell desktop and is a 92mm, three […]

Windows updates June 2014..

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Four machines to do, but one will be delayed because there is Facebook junk running on it. The Windows 8 desktop managed to install all 17 major updates plus 1 optional, rebooting back to Windows 8 with no issues. The Windows 7 desktop managed all 9 major updates plus one optional, and rebooted back to […]

It isn’t just a piece of glass.

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Take a look at your smartphone, tablet or iPad. The top surface is called a ‘digitizer’ panel, of good optical quality, and very expensive. I know this because my grand-daughter’s iPad Mini which she won in a ticket draw at her school was dropped onto decorative garden stones. It now looks like a spider web, […]

It’s Sunday..

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I know it is because the Dilbert cartoon on my home page has six elements instead of the usual three. So far, I have: run maintenance on my Toshiba Netbook, a painfully slow process at best, updated it’s Libre Office to 4.2, followed up on some answers I gave in the Microsoft Community forums last […]

Not until 2015..

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Microsoft will not include a home-grown traditional start menu into Windows 8 until next year, and it will only be a mini-menu anyway, but I wonder if anybody truly cares anymore. A client of mine, who recently attended a six month re-training session, informed me that Windows 8 is all pictures, and that MS […]

In the news 2..

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Facebook wants to use your smartphone microphone to pick up on music that maybe playing in your background.. Facebook said last week it will soon introduce "a new, optional way to share and discover music, TV and movies." If users allow Facebook to access their microphone while they’re writing a status update, the company will […]

How much and why?

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Let me start off by saying that I NEVER ever buy the latest technology. It is simply too expensive for the returns that I would get. I also only upgrade everything at the point where what I have will not properly support the latest OS on the block.. So, in May 2010, and still running […]

In the news again..

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See here.. Is the world ready for the Surface Pro 3? Yes, maybe if the price was half what it is and it was smaller or larger. Small tablets, Kindles et al are a nice easy to carry size, and they are CHEAP. The Surface Pro is not so pocketable, getting towards easily usable […]

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