What price security?

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Lenovo was wrong.. See here  Unfortunately, it doesn’t surprise me that an OEM did this. What hurts is that I have recommended Lenovo hardware as a good replacement for other makes. I probably still will too because I always do the initial setup for my clients and can shoot Superfish before they get it. However.. […]

And the moral of this cartoon is..

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GMail users..

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I guess that you have heard the news already. Five million of you can now say that you are not the only ones who know your password. It isn’t funny and I am not mocking you personally. If you are a GMail user and: You recently bought something from Home Depot You recently bought something […]

Where do you want to go today?

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.. and more to the point, will you be allowed to get there in safety? It’s not exactly new news, but many of the ‘gateways’, modem/routers by any other name, are open to attack through the same channel as ISP’s use to control them, run diagnostics on them when a home user is having problems […]

Windows Defender turned off?

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Not by me it wasn’t. This is the message which greeted me this morning, but it did respond to a manual start, and is back up and running. The question is, why did it turn off?. My first thoughts were that vestiges of malware were causing it, but when I ran my ‘lets get some […]

Your Microsoft Account

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When you set up Windows 8, it asks you to use a Microsoft account, and the option to use any other email account is hidden away. Do you think that this is ‘controlling’ and unfair? Call me a ‘fanboi’ if you will, but there is good reason to go along with Microsoft and do as […]

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