Windows Media Center..

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It first appeared as XP Media Center Edition on high end computers in 2005. At that time, the computer was seen as becoming the central focus of home entertainment, but that was then. I haven’t seen a computer with a ‘tuner’ adapter fitted for some while, and it was that piece of hardware which differentiated […]

MSN Messenger..

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.. will finally be pensioned off in October of this year. The final stand is in China, it having being pensioned off everywhere else in April of 2013. MSN Messenger first appeared on July 22, 1999, and was a basic but quick way to message across computer systems. Features were added over the years, and […]

Tough stuff..

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See here.. Microsoft are to blame, BUT Apple and Android are no better. This new way of monetizing an operating system will end in tears for many. The contributors are no different to the multiplicity of junk producers outside of the world of apps. You are not obliged to subscribe to any of it […]

Paranoia, paranoia, paranoia..

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Event Viewer errors.. I have four of them, all appearing in the last 24 hours, all ongoing, and all are the Kernel-Power ID137 type. The Kernel-Power error occurs when there is what the system sees as a sudden shutdown, and is not the type of error which causes problems. It is always the after effects […]

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