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This is the website..  It boots from cold, bypassing Windows but there is no need to do this unless you have something like the FBI virus which intercepts the Windows login screen, essentially locking you out of your own computer. So.. Would I buy one? No Would I recommend it to others? No Do […]

‘Should I remove it’?

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The problem is knowing enough to make a sound judgement. I am talking about some of the stuff that you see when you start up ‘Programs and Features’ It’s all very well for people like me to hand out advice to the effect that you should remove anything which does not appear to be kosher, […]

A useful utility?

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I saw a review of a utility called ‘PatchMyPC’ and the reviewer seemed to think that it was ok to use based upon the fact that many users don’t regularly patch programs because they are unaware that patches are available and couldn’t find them anyway.. How it worked out.. So I decided to give it […]

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