Update Tuesday – March 2015

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Windows 7: I have only done one of the Windows 7 machines so far, and I can report that there are no issues with it. Windows 8.1: Forty five updates later, my production machine also suffered no ill effects, which is nice because I really don’t need or want problems with the ‘big’ one.. Windows […]

Windows 10 start menus.. updated

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Start10.. When I saw reference to Stardock Start10, I quickly found my way to the Stardock home page here, only to find that one has to be a subscriber to Stardock’s ‘Object Desktop’ which only costs $49.99. What a deal that is, in my case a complete and utter deal breaker. So no, I won’t […]

Home front problems solved..

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My machine.. The ‘popping out of hibernation’ problem that I have been getting has been solved. One of the clues was a yellow light showing on the router where it should have been OFF. The adapter was set to wake up if it detected activity, not a setting I ever use in this environment, and […]

Updates – the latest round..

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OK. The latest round of updates should have run smoothly for you as long as you haven’t messed with the system or used utilities like registry cleaners which do. My production Windows 8.1 machine plus three Windows 7 machines updated and all is well some 24 hours later.. BUT, anybody running the Windows 10 Technical […]

Windows 10 Preview..

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The latest version of the preview, 9879, started to screw around with my main Windows 8.1 installation. The machine would boot into ‘10’ ok, but returning to ‘8.1’ prompted a disk check, and I have far too much invested in ‘8.1’ to see it trashed by a preview of ANYTHING. So, having repaired the early […]

This week @ TCG

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It has been a fairly quiet week here. Clients: The client with the Vista desktop machine is still complaining of freezing now and again, and I was supposed to be taking a Linux box over to him today. After a clean install, the HP machine is apparently still not stable, freezing up every now and […]

This week @ TCG..

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My production machine.. Apart from the normal ‘hibernate’ errors (two only), the other error was down to connecting external drives which were corrupted. Essentially, this means that I don’t have problems with my aging production machine. I don’t intend to change anything, although I may treat myself to a better video card at some point, […]

Just when you think it is safe..

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Azure fails.. Oops. So this is why I couldn’t get to some websites. It is just one more sign pointing to the fragility of new ways. Nothing is ever 100% reliable and that applies to the cloud as much as anything else. You can read more about it here. http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-30111575#  Being an old-timer, I am […]

Return of the Netbook..

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HP will slap my hands for the title, but it looks like a Netbook, is the same size as a traditional Netbook, is low powered by comparison to a regular notebook, and in my world, that constitutes a NETBOOK. The HP Stream 11 is not a Netbook (yeah right). Officially, it is a Happy Place, […]

This week @ TCG..

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Not too much happening on the Windows 10 front, no updates, no nothing really. I am not using it day to day because I can’t fully replicate what I do in Windows 8 without taking Windows 8 down. So not much to say. On the Windows 8 front, today is the first in three weeks […]

Dual booting..

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It was only a matter of time before one of my drives needed to be checked for errors. The J drive, a 320gb WD IDE drive is in very good condition, but Windows 8 does not see it the same way and didn’t with Windows 7 either. I don’t actually dual boot. I parallel boot […]

How to make Windows 8/8.1 work for you..

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.. or more to the point, how I make it work for me. Those in high places should stop reading this now as it is going to hurt.. Don’t use any apps.. There is nothing an app can do that a regular tried and tested installable application or utility can’t do and and differences come […]

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