Windows 10 on the NB250.. It all came crashing down..

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It all started with an update for the Wi-Fi adapter which returned a BSOD stating a problem with athwb.sys. Windows 10 wouldn’t let me beyond this, so I had to look for a repair. Windows 10 wouldn’t let me do that either because it claimed that there was no administrator account, even though the ONLY […]

Update Tuesday – March 2015

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Windows 7: I have only done one of the Windows 7 machines so far, and I can report that there are no issues with it. Windows 8.1: Forty five updates later, my production machine also suffered no ill effects, which is nice because I really don’t need or want problems with the ‘big’ one.. Windows […]

Windows 10 updater..

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In build 9926, there is no provision to access Windows Update via Control Panel. All you get is a section in ‘Settings’ which allows for ‘automatic update’ or ‘notify before installing’ Supposing that there is a hardware device driver in there that constantly produces a blue screen and a reboot. How are you supposed to […]

Updates – the latest round..

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OK. The latest round of updates should have run smoothly for you as long as you haven’t messed with the system or used utilities like registry cleaners which do. My production Windows 8.1 machine plus three Windows 7 machines updated and all is well some 24 hours later.. BUT, anybody running the Windows 10 Technical […]

Just when you think it is safe..

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Azure fails.. Oops. So this is why I couldn’t get to some websites. It is just one more sign pointing to the fragility of new ways. Nothing is ever 100% reliable and that applies to the cloud as much as anything else. You can read more about it here.  Being an old-timer, I am […]

Update Tuesday..

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Another successful round of updates with three Windows 7 machines, one Windows 8.1 machine and the Windows 10 Tech preview showing no ill effects this morning. The Netbook gave me a scare though. Last night, I left it installing the updates, and this morning woke up to find it stone cold dead. A few minutes […]


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This is a collection of KB’s which has seemingly cobbled Windows computers for some.. More info here and how to remove the affected KBs.. Please note two points.. Not everybody is affected, so don’t panic if you have seen no evidence of the ‘known issues’ in the link.. Reports in the IT press have […]

July 2014 updates..

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All three Windows 7 machines and one Windows 8 machine updated without issue. The Netbook did stall once, but a reboot sorted it out. There has been no loss of audio, wireless connections or anything else, proving again that Windows can update safely. The secret is not to force your computer to use an OS […]

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