Android phones.. why bother?

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My better half has a Samsung GT-S7560M, Android version 4.04. It can’t be upgraded, it is incapable of accepting most of the available games around these days, and is really only good for a contacts list and basic calling. I have an aging flip phone which is every bit as useful. Neither the Samsung or […]

‘Should I remove it’?

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The problem is knowing enough to make a sound judgement. I am talking about some of the stuff that you see when you start up ‘Programs and Features’ It’s all very well for people like me to hand out advice to the effect that you should remove anything which does not appear to be kosher, […]

A simple error of judgement..

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Every time that I say my PC is good enough for what I do, I get a hankering for something faster, and I go looking for a better AM3 processor. Trouble is that I never find one within my budget of $12. The incumbent is an AMD AM3 Phenom II X4 965 3400mhz middle of […]

Breaking news..

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The next Windows release will be named, wait for it.. Windows 10 Read here for more.. As I understood, Windows 9 would have appeared in say the first quarter of 2015, but I have read that Windows 10 will not be around until late 2015, so guess what folks.. You are still stuck with […]

Not genuine after a clone..

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I know that the above happens because I have seen it many times in the MS forums and newsgroups over the years. I always tell computer users not to take it as an affront that they are asked to activate the OS again, that it just happens occasionally. So, I woke up early today, noticed […]

The ‘Threshold preview’

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The new Windows, but this is not about what is in it. This is about not getting stuck in it. It is being called a ‘tech’ preview and will be open to all, but you must be careful not to let excitement get the better of you. It is a beta by any other name […]

Storing parts..

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.. is what I do because I work on machines of all ages but, every now and again, I have to look at what I have and say ‘enough is enough’. For instance, I no longer support Windows XP or the machines on which XP ran, so 20 pin power supplies, DDR memory, hard drives […]

Ta-ta, Charms bar..

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It’s going, going, not quite gone yet because we have to wait for the next Windows incarnation. I have a client who will be glad to see the back of it. Every time that the cursor even gets close to the side, out flies the Charms bar, and the clock/calendar fires in from the left […]

Windows 8 adoption..

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.. has finally fallen below Vista at the same point in its timeline according to Net Applications ( Some of it is attributable to business switching from XP to 7, some of it is attributable to computer users waiting for what follows 8. I think that it is mostly about apps that people do NOT […]

The ‘wheel’ is making a comeback..

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.. in the next iteration of Windows.. The screenshot above is not Windows 8/8.1 by the way, although you can get this look already by using one of the many hybrid 3rd party start menus which abound presently. Note the inclusion of square wheels in the new menu. As much as Microsoft probably want to […]

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