RECAP: Launch Tour 07!


Finally, I am back home after a nice 4 hours drive. Chicago was as I expected to be, so much better than Wisconsin I wanted to stay.  On the road from Wisconsin to Chicago there’s several tolls you need to pay to enter the ea. state all together it ended up costing for toll charges $5.00, glad to know the money is not going towards the roads that were in really bad conditions. As I expected there was plenty of farms around Wisconsin, quite interesting since I am not used to farms. You can tell when you are finally in Illinois it’s the end of the farms, at least in the part of Illinois.




The next day aprox. 6:30 am the event starter. I was surprised with the number of people that showed up to this event. Majority men, not surprised about that. We started off slow in the ask the experts booth, since most people were around checking out the setup partner companies had and the keynotes.


Finally we had a few people that asked us questions, such as…


Q. Will my drivers be compatible with Vista?

A.  I would assume all major manufacturers’ have or will have in the future Vista compatible drivers. So I suggest to first check with the manufacturer’s website and search for Vista drivers there. Then go check Windows Update thru Vista and you may find Vista drivers or newer versions (which might not be listed on the manufacturer’s website).


Q. What was the security improvement in Vista?

A. There’s new anti-malware features such as Windows Firewall, if this properly configured, it can stop many kinds of malware before they can infect your computer or other computers in your network. Windows Update, User Account Control in Windows Vista you can create a seperate account for each of the family and control which websites, programs, and games each person is allowed to use and install on the computer. IE7 protected mode prevents new applications, modify user or system files and setting without the consent of the user. Windows defender it’s an antispyware feature that helps you protect your PC from getting infect with spyware by constantly scanning your PC. The one that is not included is an anti-virus protection software that you will need to purchase, if you don’t already have one?


Q. Why isn’t there a public list of all the softwares that are compatible to Vista?

A. I took this person to our nice set-up and showed him this nice list here.  


Among other questions that were quite interesting. I had several people that were basically out to tarnish the Microsoft name by finding the most minimun flaws that Vista has. Which yes in deed, Vista is not completelly 100% perfect, but name me any other OS that is?


Overall the event was a blast, I had a great time. It was nice meeting some of the individuals from Microsoft that had very good knowledge in computers. As well as it was a pleasure meeting Cyber from GTR, who secretly tried to sneak into the auto show, ha! Too bad I was too tired to attend the cocktail party and since I was in Chicago for such short period of time my batteries died and I couldn’t take many pictures.. 🙁 I would recommend anyone who is interested in getting some good grasp of information of the new features in Office to attend this event. We all did get to take home a free shirt along with a free copy of MS Office 2007 Pro, thank you MS!


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$10,000+ worth of games!

Well it’s official we have made it to $10,000+ worth of games, according to 1up’s collection. Today we decided to make a trip to Best Buy since pay day was this week. We got some new titles and some older titles that we missed out when they were released. And bumped us up to more games, funny thing about is that we don’t have the games organized in one specific place.

Splinter Cell Double Agent getting the females skins?

Yep you heard me right. Over at the Ubisoft’s forums a post by Rhoulette, Ubisoft Community Manager, confirmed for us that there will be a downloadable content for the skins. Too bad we didn’t get much about when will it be available.

This feature is already planned to be included in the PS3 version of the game. Now why wasn’t it initally included on the 360 version? who knows…I wonder if it’s going to cost us some MS points, hmmm…

via UBI Forums

Windows Vista Launch Event @ McCormick Place!

Well I guess I am off to a road trip next week and finally will get to see Chicago. It’s funny how much time I have spent (flight delays) in their airport and never have actually been outside of it. And the best part of the trip is that I will get to see more areas around the dairy state. I heard there’s a lot farms, ha!

Then Wednesday, February 07, 2007 we will be attending the Windows Vista launch event being hosted at the McCormick Place in Chicago, as well as a cocktail party. Also, Cyber from GTR will be there, not drinking of course. I will try to bring back some nice photos of this.

The xBot

I can see why some us would go out of our ways to unlock as many achievements as possible, afterall you do get bragging rights when you have a top gamerscore. Plus, it doesn’t help that some of the achievements are almost inpossible for the average adult that has a real job to obtain, that will actually try to achieve all of them without the help of their kids, wives, husbands, etc.

Well David Harr sensed our frustration, so he decided to put in sometime and effort on a robotic button smasher, good for using it to obtain Perfect Dark Zero’s achievement of 1,000 Deathmatch and DarkOps games, which would honestly take up a good share of time to achieve. So is using an robotic device to get an achievement unfair? hmmm…don’t forget it took him 10 hrs to design this device, so that’s the least he should get. Make sure to check some of his other projects, you might learn something!


YouTube Plans to Pay Video Creators?

YouTube CEO Chad Hurley, share with us about a reward opportunity that it’s in plans for video directors that are members of YouTube who provide original content to the popular site. But is not just going to be a reward, they are working on building up a community out of this involving video creators who truly want to be there -so fake people interested in just money for once do something good for humanity, keep away from this, is not meant to be for you!

I am pretty sure plenty questions have been drawn for this already. Such as, how will they monitor it’s originality of the video? Per Hurley who did not really going into too much detail about this, they in process of working in some kind of technology that is to be able to determine whether it was made by it’s original creator that submitted the video or not, so no cheating, sounds interesting. Among others that will be answer in the near future, since no further details about these plans were released by Hurley. YouTube who was announced in October of last year that got purchased by Google and has gone thru copyright issues in the past year, it’s going into some risky path. I hope the outcome of this will turn into something good.

via PODCASTING NEWS | Credits to my buddy GODFREE, who provided me this interesting news!

Crackdown: Clarification on Halo 3 Beta?

Chris Paladino who is part of the Microsoft Xbox Community team from, just recently clarified a very important concern some us had in regards to this intersting opportunity for the public that wants in on the Halo 3 Beta. Who wasn’t able to get thru the Beta at it’s initial Phase 1 nor was able to register on time for it.

“The initial shipment of Crackdown at retail will include access to the Halo 3 beta. The “initial shipment” is pretty huge, so there will be enough to go around.

For those Halo 3 fans who are STILL losing sleep over this, you can guarantee entrance into the Halo 3 Beta by purchasing a copy of Crackdown when it launches Feb. 20th.”


Xbox 360: Crackdown Demo Impressions!

Today the demo was out. I wasn’t very happy that it took a lifetime to download and the 1.2 GB file size was interesting… I had my friend Godfree waiting for me so that we can play co-op online (btw, I am not much of a co-op player). It was quite hilarious that we had such a hard time trying to make a match and invite each other. I understand that demos aren’t always 100% perfect. But for some strange reason when you go to “Host a match” it takes you into the list of the rest of matches that random players can join. Then I had to go search for a match, fulfilling the same options that Godfree had set to the match, so that I could find him. After a few mins of re-search the matches available, his name finally appeared on the list of players. So watch out you will not be able to host private co-op matches (at least in the demo).

Once the game started, it was a different story. The controls were easy to get used to. You click your left trigger to auto aim and you’ll be good to go, in case you have a hard time shooting while your running around. Now the voice in the background giving pointers on what to do sounded so much like “Robert Stack” from Unsolved Mysteries. So it was kind of funny hearing his voice from time to time, it brought back memories of the show. The missions that we had to do were pretty straight forward fight gang members and kill the main boss; no doubt it was a blast. There was also some racing missions that you played against the other player and whoever makes it first into the checkpoints wins the race. Another thing that caught my attention was, that when I felt like I was almost running out of amo. I managed to get some again. And friendly fire was always on (nice), I guess some people might not enjoy that.

So the big question, is it worth 1.2 GB long download? Yes it is, because I suggest you at least try it before you buy it or not choose to buy. Plus, the Halo 3 Beta code, is a plus too. Because after playing demo, it sure gave me a different feeling about the game, perhaps when it’s released in February that will be my next game to get.