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Slot Mode in TFS 2010 Version Control

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One of the most fundamental changes in the version control system in TFS 2010 is a feature called “Slot Mode”. This change affects the way versioned items are identified. In TFS 2008 each item is identified using a unique item id. When items are references in TFS the path to the item + the item id is used.

Even though this is an important change, I hope we don’t notice it at all. We should just feel more confident in how TFS handles history and merge operations will give fewer conflicts.

Matt Mitrik on the TFS team has written a great summary called “Changing to Slot Mode in TFS 2010 Version Control” that you should read to get more details on how this new feature works.

Written by Mathias Olausson

October 18th, 2009 at 8:59 pm

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