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Book Project “Pro Application Lifecycle Management with Visual Studio 2012” Completed!

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The last year or so I’ve been spending lots of time working with the Visual Studio 2012 product and as part of that I’ve been writing a book together with my friend and colleague Joachim Rossberg. The result is now soon available in stores:

9781430243441 (2)

It’s been an interesting project and I’ve learnt a lot – about the product of course but also about the process of book writing. Thanfully we have had a great book editor to help us! As for the writing itself probably the most challenging part was to write about a product that does not yet exist. Yes, that means writing and then go back and update after the release of the Beta, RC, RTM…

The book covers the whole ALM lifecycle so it’s a lot of content, we ended up with the following chapters:

Application Lifecycle Management

1. Why Application Lifecycle Management Matters

2. Introduction to Application Lifecycle Management

3. Development Processes and Frameworks

4. ALM Assessments

5. Working with TFS to Enhance the ALM Process

Planning (Agile Project Management)

6. Introduction to agile planning

7. Work item tracking and process customization

8. Agile Project Management with TFS

9. Metrics and ALM assessment

Modeling (Architecture)

10. Prototyping, storyboarding  and feedback tracking

11. Top Down Design Studies (UML)

12. Using Architecture Explorer

13. Using Layer Diagrams

14. Metrics and ALM assessment

Building (Developer Practices)

15. Version Control

16. Unit Testing

17. Code Quality (Code Analysis, Code Metrics, Code Clones, Code Review)

18. Performance and Profiling (working with IntelliTrace in production, Premptive Analytics)

19. Metrics and ALM assessment

Validating (Software Testing)

20. Overview of software testing

21. Manual testing

22. Automated testing

23. Test lab management

24. Metrics and ALM assessment

Releasing, 100p

25. Continuous delivery

26. Build automation

27. Deployment (implementing a build-deploy-test workflow)

28. Release Management

29. Metrics and ALM assessment

Team Foundation Server

30. Architecture, implementation planning

31. Installation, migration and administration

32. TFS Reporting

33. Working in heterogeneous environments

34. TFS in the Cloud

I hope people will find the book valuable, we have tried to make it as practical as possible by having lots of exampels to illustrate the best practices we have learnt from using the product for many years.

Oh, and did I mention the book can be pre-ordered? Blinkar

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July 17th, 2012 at 4:39 pm

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    Jesse Houwing

    7 Aug 12 at 8:49 am

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