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Community TFS Build Extensions – January 2013 Release is out

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As planned Mike Fourie published the January 2013 release of the Community TFS Build Extensions. This must-have pack of TFS build extensions has now gotten another set of new features added as well as issues fixed.

Release notes

The January 2013 release contains

  • VS2010 Activities(target .NET 4.0)
  • VS2012 Activities (target .NET 4.5)
  • Community TFS Build Manager VS2012

The Community TFS Build Manager can also be found in the Visual Studio Gallery here where updates will first become available. A version supporting VS2010 is also available in the Gallery. Please note that we only intend to fix major bugs in the 2010 version and will concentrate our efforts on the 2012 version of the TFS Build Manager.

At a high level, the following Issues and Features have been addressed

11237 Add support for /project switch on VsDevEnv activity Feature
11256 VsDenEnv : error if no DropLocation is specified Issue
11136 NUnit Result Publishing Issue
11423 NAnt activities Task
11250 The CodeMetrics activity throws an exception if DropLocation isn’t set Issue
11307 vb6 project compilation – add time out Feature
11360 Statlight publish to TFS Issue
10635 Allow additional parameters for StatLight activity Issue
11212 StyleCop build activity doesn’t write true to Succeeded on success Issue
11373 Issue with the TransformConfig-Activity Issue
11544 Statlight does not work with VS2012 Issue

TFS Build Manager
11515 TFSBM – Don’t show deleted branches for Cloning Issue
11113 Exception if no projects in collection Issue
11226 Clone to branch with spaces in name throws BuildServerException Issue
11309 TFSBM — Retain All Builds Feature
11407 TFSBM – update icons and add to Team Explorer Feature
11495 TFSBM – TE Navigation Link opens TFSBM in wrong VS instance Issue
11114 Manage Build Resources Context Menu uses wrong icons Issue
11241 No vertical scrollbar Issue

Note: If you are using the Azure Activities in VS2010 you should continue to use the April release. We will release a new build of this activity once we resolve the current VS2012 dependency which has been introduced.

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February 3rd, 2013 at 5:37 am

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