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ALM Rangers DevOps bug resolution using IntelliTrace Guidance Released

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Yesterday the ALM Rangers released a new guidance project, this time around how to use IntelliTrace to enable better developer-operation scenarios. I’ve had the opportunity to work in this project and I recommend you take a look at what the team has put together. IntelliTrace can be difficult to get started with but these guides should help get the concepts right and get started in a good way.

I’ve worked on a couple of hands-on labs to walk you through setting up IntelliTrace, capturing IntelliTrace logs in production- and test environments and finally analyzing the IntelliTrace logs in Visual Studio.

  • The Epics included in the guidance are:
    • As Bill, the ALM Ranger, I would love practical and exciting DevOps & IntelliTrace Posters.
    • As Abu the Build Master, I would like practical guidance on how to to configure my TFS Build server to support IntelliTrace.
    • As Doris, the Developer, I would like practical guidance to resolve a bug in DevOps using IntelliTrace.
    • As Jane, the Infrastructure specialist, I would like practical guidance to implement IntelliTrace in DevOps.
  • The guidance includes the following artefacts:

    • Cheatsheet – Build Master DevOps and IntelliTrace Checklist
    • Cheatsheet – IntelliTrace Cheat Sheet
    • Cheatsheet – Ops view of DevOps and IntelliTrace
    • Hands-on Lab – Build (Symbols Configuration & Build)
    • Hands-on Lab – Dev (Client Side No Symbols Found Resolution)
    • Hands-on Lab – Ops (Collection for WPF Rich Client)
    • Poster – Encountering IntelliTrace technology in DevOps
    • Poster – Resolving bugs in DevOps with the help of IntelliTrace
    • Quick Reference Guide – Developer view of DevOps and IntelliTrace

Download the guide and tell us what you think.

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April 12th, 2013 at 6:10 pm

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