Wanted: New, Old, or Advanced Technology wanted for 2nd Annual Technology Fair in Jackson, TN

We at Jackson State Community College are about to venture into our 2nd Annual Technology Fair in Jackson, TN. The focus group will not just be the Jackson State students, but entrepreneurs and consumers of West Tennessee Community. We are looking for new participants to set up booths, demonstrations, or donate door prizes.

 Last year Dell, Gateway, Bellsouth, and the Star Center participated and they were well recognized. This year we would like you to have the opportunity to participate in our program. If you could participate in any way, it would be greatly appreciated. I know the local interest will be tremendous. 

The program will take place the fourth Thursday of March, which is the 3/28/2008. Please let us know by the 15 January 2008 if you are joining us in our endeavor, if not you are welcome to attend the program that will be from 8:00 am to noon on 28 March 2008. 


James Donnelly




Jackson State Community College

2046 North Parkway

Jackson, TN 38301

Prof Lisa Matlock

(800) 355-5722 Ext. 228


Wear your SPOT watch on your leg !


MSNBC – Martha Stewart leaves WV prison

By WSAZ NewsChannel 3


USA – HUNTINGTON, WV — Martha Stewart is out of prison.Stewart left Alderson Prison about 12:30 Friday morning after serving a five-month sentence for lying about a stock sale.

The domestic diva left in a two-vehicle motorcade and headed to a nearby airport where she boarded a private jet about 45 minutes later for the flight to New York.

She has a home in Bedford, New York.

Before boarding, Stewart along with her daughter, alexis, smiled and waved to reporters and fans.

Stewart will be fitted with an electronic ankle bracelet so her movements can be monitored.

She’ll wear that for about five months

Now in support for Martha Stewart, we should all wear our SPOT watches on our leg untill hers ankle bracelet come off.


Bill Gates Email goes to Junk Folder

I was looking in my hotmail junk folder and see a name that caught my eye. Between the hot housewife’s, bëttërPhàrmàcy, and others spam mail. There sat the name Bill Gates and going against my better judgment I open it up. It not like I get an email everyday from Bill. This was an executive-email that I had signed up for.


As I read down the email with the subject “Building Software That Is Interoperable By Design” I could not help but wonder “Interoperable”. So I added Bill Gate to my safe list, sure would hate to miss an email again if he wanted to invite me for dinner. As I look at my safe list I have seen where I have added the same newsletter address 12 times. Why is Hotmail  spamming thier own newsletters? Does the Hotmail team know who Bill Gates is?


So I did a search on the MSN Beta Search “Who is Bill Gate?” Let me tell you his name came up top of the page in a fancy box. My next search was “Does Hotmail like Bill Gates?”.  Now I found out something that I never knew. It was on the front page of MSN,com.  Because I use my.msn.com I have the “popular searches” out of my way and never look at them much. I search for what I need and not about others. Inside it there was Bill Gates searches News: vaccines , Images: Legos, Pets for sale , Bridge, Technology  so after searching all his links I came to the conclusion Bill pet gnaw somebody at a bridge game and he has decide to get a Lego pet after checking on the pets for sale, but first somebody needed to get a shot.


It looks like hotmail could save me all this trouble by becoming less Interoperable. That makes me think about something else. I will add GeorgeBush@whitehouse.gov to my safe list now.




1 Terabyte email & 500 Mega byte attachments.


Hellacious Riders – Hriders.com 1 TB email
Hriders.com 1 TB email Hriders.com gives unlimited free 1 Terabyte email accounts that include 500 Megabyte attachments. We have been asked why we would do such a thing. The answer is simple to help people store large amounts of information in a safe and secure environment. We live in a world where natural and un-natural events take place, that can destroy homes or offices, when that happens many people loose all of their family pictures, their furnishings, office equipment and more.

Where will it end 1 gig GMail, 2 gig MSN mail, then 1TB hriders?


Halo 2? Try Playing Credit Card Trickery


So I have been gone and it has not been from playing Halo 2? Last month I had seven credit cards. So I have the national Credit Card debt average. All my other cards are paid off each month but one. The only reason the one card is high is because of home repairs and it was 3.9 % interest very much cheaper than a loan at the bank and Fees.


I think I live for credit card trickery. Everybody who’s has a credit card knows the junk you get with your bill. Don’t over look the very fine printed inserts (Credit Card Trickery Papers) and I just love reading them each month. I am going to ask them to send mine in Braille I may be able to read it better. Not being able to read Braille, I will surely understand it better.


After one card papers slip pass me and increase my fixed to a higher variable. rate, I called all my cards companies up this passing month. I ask what my rate was and if I could get a better one. So I cut up four cards and I could have use that chipper like on TV. So now today with three cards I get a letter of trickery from the one card I own on. So I am on the phone again asking about the added caused if I was late on any other credit bill that I could be charge for default of 29% interest. So now after writing this letter I will be down to two cards. Why do I have to write a letter for op-out of something I did not op-in too? Or was that another slip-up on my part. Cannot chance a slip-up in paying any bill for that would cause an increase to 29% interest.


Am I better off, Sure I don’t have to read all these fine printed Credit Card Trickery Papers? I have only two cards now. Do I feel better? I think so


Got to go and read all the Credit Card Trickery Papers in the new applications for credit cards.


Checking the Mail



Hunting the Three Scared Urns


I ran across this website that has an interactive story and it’s a virtual treasure hunt. If you are good at puzzles and enjoy a good challenge. Then you should check this out. There are prizes but it is unnamed similar to the search for the third Sacred Urn. Dagobert Steinitz in 1969 die, claiming to have hid the three Sacred Urns, each one worth one million dollars, and the first one was found July of this year.

From the website forum I found the following information:


1) The first 5 clues given to Peter
– a ) Learn the language of ‘the people of the flint (Mohawk hiking trail)
– b ) Find where it was played (Hastings England, Hastings Michigan)
– c ) Slither like a horse (move like a knight)
– d ) It’s the finale that counts (Rxh7+)
– e ) Buy Marlene a birthday gift (unsolved 11/22/1920)


OneFoolToo is my nickname but I am not fool enough to tell you where the forum is. Maybe you can find it from The KEY


Hunting I will go…..


MSN Photos merges with Tech & Gadgets Nov,18,2004

I was surprised to read today that MSN Photos web site will be closing on November 18, 2004. Charlotte K Lowrie (managing editor, MSN Photos) inform her readers that that MSN Photos will be merging with MSN Tech & Gadgets. Below is part of her statement.


“Thanks to all the readers who shared this journey with us.

It takes a village

Many people made MSN Photos site features and articles possible. In the past four years, almost all the folks on our Microsoft team left their creative mark on the site. Even as the site merges with Tech & Gadgets, the team will be building exciting software to raise the bar on digital photography and image editing.

In addition to our Microsoft team, contributing writers made MSN Photos articles timely and interesting. Thanks to Peter Burian, Jon Sienkiewicz, Gary Bernstein, Terry Livingstone, Bill Smith, Mike Collins, Tony Chor, Jon Canfield, and Gary Voth for contributing articles.

After Nov. 18, I will be writing books and articles for a variety of publishers and magazines, and I will be taking on more photography assignments. You can check out my lastest projects on my Web site.

From now until Nov. 18, we will continue to feature photography articles. I hope that you’ll visit MSN Tech & Gadgets for ongoing photography articles.

Thanks to everyone for supporting a great run for MSN Photos.

Send your comments to askmpc@microsoft.com. ”

Without a Photo can you have a Vision?


Politics, Religion and New Groups

Over the year I have note a few things that will bring up a big debate and sometimes an argument. Just post something in a NG about politics or religion you have a thread that will run three times or more than any other in the newsgroup. Also I have been eating at work in the past and have to leave the lunch room to find a peaceful place to eat after somebody started to talk about one of these subjects. So why am I posting this in my Blog.


Well something happen to me in my family this weekend. In order to not to make this a partisan view. I will be careful how I tell this story. I asked my Father for a sign of one party for my yard about two months ago. He told me he could get me one. So two day ago I got a call from my mother telling me ‘’ that your father has you a sign that is 8 ft long and if you put it in your yard I will never come back to visit you again’’.  I said “I told him I wanted one”. My mother told me “listen you heard what I saided and you tell him not to put it up”. I laughed and she hung up the phone, then I realized that she was very serious.


Well I love my mother and I am paying for this house I live in. So I feel like I can do what I want in my yard. I am not trying to disrespect her but, it is my choose to put up this sign. So I decide I would put it up.  Well my father brought the sign knowing what my mother had told me and when I told him to go ahead and put it up. It was like I had voted for him for president. , he spark up and ran out there. He had that sign up in no time and he is about 80 years old. 


Well I called my mother and asked her what the problem with the sign was, that if you and dad have a problem, don’t get me in the middle of it. I wanted that sign a long time ago. She ask me “Did you have him put it up” and I said “yes“.  My mother said “you know the deal then *click*”.


I have not talked to her since the sign has been up in my yard and she would call me every day. Geez, I think it would have be better to post my views in a NG next time. Sure am glad that this only comes every 4 years. November 2nd  will be here soon and I can take it down. Then I think I will put in my sons room so she will not go in there. I kind of scared to talk about Religion now.


Praying for Mom’s politician to win


Microsoft Digital Image Pro10

I have been just trying out Microsoft Digital Image Pro 10 (DI Pro10) and have found there are many more filters in it then MSN Picture It. Somebody asked me why they should use DIPro10 instead of Paint Shop Pro (PSP).  I have never used (PSP) but looking at the flash introduction. I don’t see anything that is not available in DI Pro10. I have tried other software.   Most professions use Adobe (high cost) and DI Pro10 will allow you to use the plug-in filters for Adobe. Before in Picture IT I have used several programs to get the effect I wanted. Now that I am seeing that DI Pro 10 is able to do them all.


One big feature is being able to order prints online is so easy. When I am able to click on order prints, then it will compress, upload them and all at a fair price using my passport wallet. Then when online if you have not got the right resolution (300 pixels per inch) then the online service will show you what size of prints you are able to order, for a good quality picture. The one thing I wish they would have done different would be, to enable you to set your measurements in pica or a point. A pica is a typographical unit of measurement (1/6 inch or 12 points) and a point being the smallest (1/72 inch). Of course this is not big problem to figure out.  This software is user friendly and I am enjoying it.


Imagine it;



To Flame or Not

Everybody whom comes into a newsgroup or work with the public will cross somebody that wishes to start trouble. These people are good at what they do, I will call them spin bamboozles. They have a comment for everything you can throw at them. They may make you mad as hell or run others off with there frivolous comments.


In the public you are able to see them in person and have a better scope on what their true problems are. Now and then they will lose their backbone when they are confronted. Other times they will just keep the same worthless opines. As long as they know it disturbing you, the spin bamboozle will continue. Others may try to help in vain then, one day for no reason it will end. You may take it as a prayer answered.  Well this maybe the case, for we all are tested in life. Spin bamboozles thoroughly understood the workings of your level-headedness. They feel success in being able to disrupt it. The trick is not to let them know or feed them what they seek.


Online you will find many spin bamboozles. They’re able to hide behind their keyboard and type away at a rate that would keep a great moderator very busy.


So let me give my views about flaming the spin bamboozle. IT DOES NO GOOD. Also it will take up more productive work time. If you are dealing with some spin bamboozle then make your best comment and move on. Does it matter if the spin bamboozle get the last word? The spin bamboozles will be seen for what they are by many others. By flaming the spin bamboozle you are connecting yourself to them and new comers in the newsgroup may get the wrong impression of you.


Now this does not imply that if you are having strong opinions but, getting some productive work out of it. Then a little heat in the kitchen keeps the food warm. Just know when to cut off the fire before the food is burnt.


Gone for Dinner