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Feb 13 2010

System cleanup after an in place upgrade from Windows Server 2008 / Vista to Windows Server 2008 R2 / Windows 7

After an in place upgrade some folders are still on the system, which are needed for rollback in case of problems. Also you can copy needed data to the system if needed from the old installation.

The folders are $WINDOWS.~Q and $INPLACE.~TR which will be shown if you enable “Show hidden files folders and drives”.

If you choose  disk cleanup from Start, All Programs, Accessories, System tools and choose the disk drive


the normal view of disk cleanup will be shown.


If you now choose “Clean up system files” (only Windows 7) and after choosing again the disk drive you will see additional options in disk cleanup window, e.g.:

– Files discarded by Windows update
– Previous Windows installation files

and some more.

If you also choose them for cleanup the folders above will also be removed. Using the way with disk cleanup for removing also prevents you from take over permissions on each folder as these are protected from the system.

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