XNA Challenge Brazil 2008 Final Results

Yesterday I posted about the XNA Challenge Brazil and the top 5 entries, well today I have the final Results.

“Recicle” was given the First Place Position

Recicle” (portuguese word for “recycle”), by Vitor Antonioli from UNICAMP. In the game, you should control a series of recycling baskets in order to collect specific gargabe in a flowing river. The game innovates by providing a very ambitious input system: in some advanced stages, you control the baskets by using both Xbox controller sticks, the D-pad and the triggers… at the same time! Sounds simple and insane at the beginning, but it is actually fun and challenging.

The winner was awarded with an all-paid trip to the the Third Annual Microsoft Academic Days Conference on Game Development in Computer Science Education, that happens in a cruise leaving from the States towards Cozumel, Mexico. The game also won the “People’s Choice” award, whose prize was a kit containing a Xbox 360 wireless controller with a PC wireless receiver.

In the second place, the game City Rain, by Guilherme Campos from UNESP. It is a creative mix of Tetris and Sim City, in which available constructions fall from the sky and you have to properly select and place them in an isometric grid, considering key environmental aspects such as pollution. The prize was a kit containing Windows Vista Home Premium, a Microsoft mouse and 5 Microsoft games for PC.

Finally, the third prize winner was the game “Alice, os Parasitas e o Livro do Tempo” (Alice, the Parasites and the Time Book), by Bruno Evangelista from UFMG. This is a very beautiful game in which Alice, the main character, should free the population of small villages from evil environment-destroying monsters, using special powers. The prize was a kit containing a Microsoft mouse, a finger print reader and 5 Microsoft games for PC.

With the entries that I have seen for this event it looks like there will be some good examples of XNA Programming coming up in this years Imagine Cup.

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