Virtual Earth ASP.NET Control Released

     As I said some while ago, there are several projects running related with Virtual Earth and one of them is the generation of a Server Control for ASP.NET that will allow us to develop solution and at the same time take some of the complexity of using Virtual Earth, and so here’s the announcement that this control is made available as part of the Windows Live Tools July Refresh and you can even watch a video related to this subject on Channel 9 with Mark Brown that is a member of the Virtual Earth Team, where he talks about all the elements that were made available with this control.

     One other very interesting project that is being developed is the Virtual Earth control for Silverlight and that you can see some of the results here. This project is named Deep Earth and is hosted on CodePlex and for now there’s no release made available, but keep looking. For those of you that would like to use Virtual Earth with Silverlight you can use the codeplex project named Views that as even a video on Channel 9 that explains it’s usage.

     So good luck with your developments using Virtual Earth.

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