Being ASP.NET AJAX a very important part of ASP.NET one thing that would help is knowing what and when will be delivered and so a Roadmap is a must-have, and Microsoft delivered precisely that in order for us to get to know what’s being done and have some notion about when it will be delivered, and I think there’s some great stuff there like AJAX in ASP.NET MVC, Interoperability, Accessibility and even support for OpenAJAX-compliant XML metafiles, never forgetting that the Javascript support in Visual Studio must evolve also. So if you want to have detailed information about this … Continue reading ASP.NET AJAX Roadmap

Composite Application Guidance for WPF

     WPF is a very interesting technology since it provides the possibility to have a better User Experience on our Windows Applications, and by doing so it attracted many designers, enthusiasts as well as Developers, Architects and IT Managers, but what happens with new technologies is that sometimes they are misused by developers and became a problem. And so in order to help developers and architects attend to this type of problems the Patterns and Practices Team has been working on a project named “Composite Application Guidance for WPF”, that will make the necessary “mind” adjustments and bring flexibility to … Continue reading Composite Application Guidance for WPF