.NET Framework 3.5 SP1 Changes

   With the release of the new Service Pack 1 for the .NET Framework 3.5 several changes were made on several levels of the framework, and previously I talked about the changes that were made on the WPF scope, but much more as been done, and things like the CLR were changed as Kevin Frie wrote on the CLRCodeGeneration blog.

   Other person like the C# MVP Patrick Smacchia made a much deeper look and explained graphically where the changes were made and posted it on his blog, and this was a very interesting result to see.

   Another change was that now the .Net Framework 3.5 with the Service Pack 1 allows managed code to be launched from a network share, and this will be a big change for all of those that were used to have a executable on a server and then all the client machines were to run that executable. Vance Morison as the full story about this on this post. This didn’t work but now it does. Great. My question is, “Why is this needed in the current work and architecture?” but because it was a huge request, Microsoft eared it and fixed it. It’s Great to be eared .

   And so we know great changes are being made and very importantly changes that came from feedback provided from those who use the technology. Excellent.

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