First Code Parts of Prism 2.0

  As I previously posted, Prism 2.0 is shaping up and some of the new Code Parts are already available on CodePlex. Of course this is only a small part but it brings good news like:

  • Multi-targeting quick starts, that explains the structure that a Prism 2.0 project will have in order to be Multi-target for WPF and Silverlight, and in this case is a real state solution.
  • Multi-targeting Visual Studio Templates, in order to be possible to create the Prism 2.0 projects.
  • Project Linker Tool, that provides a guidance on how to structure an application in a way that is possible to link it to other applications in order to make it Multi-targeted.

    Read more about it in the Readme file that defines this first drop, and also David Hill’s blog post about this subject.

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