Silverlight 2.0 Release Candidate made Available

   One more step towards the RTM version of Silverlight 2.0 was made today with the announcement of the Release Candidate by Scott Guthrie. With this version we can expect several changes, where the major part are not critical since there was already a Go-Live licence for the Beta 2 version, but some of them will impact in important points of the technology. In order to check what has to be changed from one version to another, you can check this blog post by Mike Snow and this document that explains the changes. This will be important in order to start updating the solutions and preparing it for the final version.

    Some of the enhancements are:

  • New Controls
    • PasswordBox – Like a textbox but only with the capabilities and security elements that are needed to work as passwordbox.
    • ProgressBar – Allow us to give feedback to the customer about the status of the work that’s being done
    • ComboBox
  • Security
    • Some Constructors are now made internal
  • Animations
    • Solve some issues with changing properties in active animations

   We are on the road for the new RTM version and so this is great to check if all issues that were present on previous releases are solved.

    Don’t forget to read the elements provided in this post for more informations.

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