Live WebCast: Discovering Silverlight 2.0

    During this week it’s taking place a WebCast Cycle in Portuguese that is part of the WebCasts4Share initiative delivered by Microsoft Portugal and that’s related with the topic “Silverlight 2.0”, and across this cycle we will talk about the following topics: Developing RIA Solutions Developing RIA Solutions – Advanced Topics Developing RIA Solutions – Introduction to Deep Zoom Developing Distributed RIA Solutions Developing RIA Solutions – Testing Framework     All the sessions will be also available on-demand but don’t forget that they are in Portuguese, but all the presentations, samples and summaries will be placed here in English also … Continue reading Live WebCast: Discovering Silverlight 2.0

Photosynth and Virtual Earth

  The PhotoSynth project is getting a lot more interesting and a consumer versions is already available and this will allow us to place our own images in a way that see can “travel to places as if we were there” and get a 360º view that is generated with the photos submitted by the users. This seems to me a very good idea and I thought that I would like to see this integrated with Virtual Earth and that’s what I did and made available here (The pins mark the places where photosynth information exists, and by placing the … Continue reading Photosynth and Virtual Earth

Prism 2.0 – What can we expect?

   So known Prism project is making some changes on the spectrum of WPF Applications, with the first version being named  “Composite Application Guidance for WPF”, and now is preparing to make is entrance on the Silverlight Applications spectrum.   The importance of having this kind of Guidance for Silverlight is very high because this will help developers take care of some more Business oriented issues that presently, because now much as to be made that is not Business oriented because of the early days of this technology, but this will be solved by Prism 2.0.    And so here … Continue reading Prism 2.0 – What can we expect?

Silverlight Applications Offline

  This has always been an issue when we talk about Silverlight and so much as been said about it, and so let’s look at the options.    First of all we need to think that Silverlight was not built to be a technology to deliver Occasionally Online applications, it was built to deliver RIA, and so it was made to use Online and not Offline. Is this a problem?    Secondly, Silverlight is a subset of Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), and so my question is: Do we really need the Occasionally Online approach in Silverlight or do we need … Continue reading Silverlight Applications Offline