Install Live Mesh Developer and Beta versions Side-by-Side

One of the things I was struggling with was the possibility to have both the client version of the client working, as well as the client version. Why do I need this? I have several Folders shared with different people and so it’s normal that we all use the version of the client, because this is the most stable one, but when developing Mesh-Enabled Application and interacting with the new version of Mesh, the the new client is also needed, and so this causes an issue, that is who will I leave behind? Will it be … Continue reading Install Live Mesh Developer and Beta versions Side-by-Side

TechDays – Defy All Challenges

Hi all,     There’s going to be a very interesting WorldWide online event called TechDays – Defy all challenges, and you can register here.     This events is very interesting because it will be a 24-hour online event with several different tracks like: Windows Development and Frameworks Windows Mobile Development Office and Sharepoint Development Developer Tools, Languages & Practices Web Development & User Experience     You can view the several session here and don’t forget to attend my session about “Developing Mesh-Enable Applications” where will talk about what is the Live Framework and how do we need to think our … Continue reading TechDays – Defy All Challenges

Mix09 Day 1 – “Go beyond Best Practices : Evolving the Next Best Practices to Prosper in the 21st Century” with Lou Carbone

How does your business causes its customers to feel?    This is important because some of us lost track of what’s the purpose of the business, because the purpose is bringing value to the business and having the profit has an added bonus.     Running businesses as being made of Greed is not the way, but this is so in the community that even in bills we have phrase like “In greed we trust”. Isn’t this scary?    Movements that Lou Carbone is involved:      – Experience Management Institute      – Phoenix effect    There’s too much effort in the … Continue reading Mix09 Day 1 – “Go beyond Best Practices : Evolving the Next Best Practices to Prosper in the 21st Century” with Lou Carbone

MIX09 – Keynote 1

   Scott Guthrie on Advances in the Design Experiences      – Web            – powerful set of tools and technologies            – Expression Web 3                   – Standard based web authoring                   – Multi-language targeting    Erik Saltwell (Group Program Manager) about Expression Web 3.0       -   Preview Feature that allows us to test the same design against several browsers and versions, and look at what are the differences    Announcement – Super Preview: IE 6,7,8 Beta Available Today also with a free version    Announcement – ASP.NET MVC 1.0 Already available for download    ASP.NET 4.0 and VS2010        … Continue reading MIX09 – Keynote 1

MIX’09 – Keynote 1

  Here we are for the start of great event MIX’09   Starting with Bill Buxton from Microsoft Research with “Return of Experience – By Design”     – This is the right time to think in Design         In this troubled times this is what drives the differences         – Examples:                  – Raymond Loewy 1929, Coca Cola, and so on…                 – Walter Dorwin Teague 1926, Vanity Kodak in 1928, iPod Mini 2003, learning from the past      – What’s Experience Design?           – It’s Balancing between multiple approaches and the value of them, by using Sketching           – … Continue reading MIX’09 – Keynote 1