MIX’09 – Keynote 1

  Here we are for the start of great event MIX’09

  Starting with Bill Buxton from Microsoft Research with “Return of Experience – By Design”

    – This is the right time to think in Design

        In this troubled times this is what drives the differences

        – Examples: 

                – Raymond Loewy 1929, Coca Cola, and so on…

                – Walter Dorwin Teague 1926, Vanity Kodak in 1928, iPod Mini 2003, learning from the past

     – What’s Experience Design?

          – It’s Balancing between multiple approaches and the value of them, by using Sketching

          – Steps:

                 – Sketches

                 – State Diagram

                 – Define all things about the transition as well as the States because other way it will go wrong

     – Six Degrees

           – All teams in Microsoft are in the process, from the Design to the Development always thinking about the Experience

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