MIX09 – Keynote 1

   Scott Guthrie on Advances in the Design Experiences

     – Web

           – powerful set of tools and technologies

           – Expression Web 3

                  – Standard based web authoring

                  – Multi-language targeting

   Erik Saltwell (Group Program Manager) about Expression Web 3.0

      -   Preview Feature that allows us to test the same design against several browsers and versions, and look at what are the differences

   Announcement – Super Preview: IE 6,7,8 Beta Available Today also with a free version

   Announcement – ASP.NET MVC 1.0 Already available for download

   ASP.NET 4.0 and VS2010

       – Improvements

             – WebForms

             – MVC

             – AJAX

             – Distributed Cache (Velocity)

       – Visual Studio 2010

             – Distribution

             – Database deployment support

            – Several versions of configuration files without tricks

   Web Server Extension (all for free)

        – IIS Database Manager

        – New FTP Server with Security

        – Request Routing

   Microsoft Web Platform Installer

     – Version 2.0 will be release this week

     – Install latest versions of Microsoft Web Platform tools, server, database and so on

     – Free download in www.microsoft.com/web

   Windows Web App Gallery

     – Allows us to find free web applications both in ASP.NET and PHP

     – www.microsoft.com/web/gallery

     – View, Review and Install the applications via Windows Platform Installer, possible to every known browser like, IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and so on.

     – Customization of the install is possible inside the Web PI (Web Platform Installer)

   Commerce Server 2009 (Available Now)

   Azure Services Platform

     – Preview launched in October last year

     – User-demand driving new features

         – Windows Azure: FastCGI/PHP and .Net full trust

         – SQL Data Services: Relational Database

         – .NET Services: More Web Standards

     – On track for a commercial releases this year


   Silverlight 3.0

       – Netflix sample

       – Media

            – GPU hardware accelarated

            – New codec support H.264, AAC, MPeg-4

            – Raw bitstream Audio/Video API

            – Improved logging

            – IIS Media Services

                  – On-demand smooth streaming – with VC1 and H.264

                  – Live smooth streaming – Take software or hardware encoders that get live feeds and stream it on the network

                  – Edge Caching

                  – Web playlists

                  – Bit-rare throttling

                  – Advanced Logging

        – Graphics

                 – GPU Acceleration and hardware composition

                 – Perspective 3D

                 – Bitmap & pixel API

                 – Pixel Shader effects

                 – Deep Zoom Improvements


       – Application Development

                 – Deep linking, navigation and SEO

                 – Improved text quality

                 – Multi-touch support

                 – 100+ controls available

                 – Library caching support – Similar to GAC


       – Design Workflow

                 – Expression Blend 3

                     – Sketch Flow – prototyping applications

                     – Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator imports

                         – File remain editable

                     – Behaviors

                     – Design with Data

                     – Source code Control support

                     – XAML, C# and VB.NET Support inside

        – Data

                 – Data-binding improvements like element to element binding

                 – Validation Error Templates

                 – Server data push improvements making it possible for the server to notify the SL for changes being made on data used by the application

       Announcement SAP NetWeaver support


    Silverlight Outside the Browser

      – Scenarios 

           – Both for Windows and Mac

           – Extend Media Experiences

           – Companion applications for your web site

      – Capabilities

          – Simple consumer friendly experience

          – Safe, Secure, still sandboxed environment

          – built-in auto-update support

          – Built offline-aware applications

               – An event is fired when the network change status

          – Integrate with underlying operating System


    Silverlight Download Size

          – Thousands of new API

          – Hundreds of new features

          – New codecs

          – Out of browser support

          – Smaller 40k as SL2


    Available Today

          – SL 3 Beta

          – Expression Blend 3

          – SL3 Tools for VS2008

          – IIS Media Services

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