Mix09 Day 1 – “Go beyond Best Practices : Evolving the Next Best Practices to Prosper in the 21st Century” with Lou Carbone

How does your business causes its customers to feel?

   This is important because some of us lost track of what’s the purpose of the business, because the purpose is bringing value to the business and having the profit has an added bonus.

    Running businesses as being made of Greed is not the way, but this is so in the community that even in bills we have phrase like “In greed we trust”. Isn’t this scary?

   Movements that Lou Carbone is involved:

     – Experience Management Institute

     – Phoenix effect

   There’s too much effort in the company and too less in the customers

   “Emotions are important determinants of economic behavior …”

  Firms of Endearment

   – Amazon.com

   – Costco

   – JetBlue

   – Apple

   – Harley Davidson

   – BMW

   – Google

   – Toyota

   – IKEA

   – Commerce Bank

   – Carmax

   – ….

  What make this firms so unique?

     – They developed the SPICE Model that is:






    – Thinking about things without putting in case any of the constituents

    – It’s important to think what people give attention to. example: St. Patrick’s  Day, Some companies placed that inside their we site and businesses other didn’t, that causes impacts.

Experience Management

       – Behaviors

       – Attitudes

       – Emotions

Value relationships

       – Brand Value – How we feel about the company

       – Customer Value – How customers see your company

Types of clues

Categories of clues

        – functional – rational

        – mechanic – emotional

        – humanic – emotional

“You cannot NOT have an experience”

We need move from the ROI obsession to

    – ROY(Return of Y(Why’s)) obsession

         – Y are we Doing it (Effect)

         – Y will it make a difference

         – Y wouldn’t we do it

         – Y does it make sense

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