TechDays – Defy All Challenges

Hi all,

    There’s going to be a very interesting WorldWide online event called TechDays – Defy all challenges, and you can register here.

    This events is very interesting because it will be a 24-hour online event with several different tracks like:

  • Windows Development and Frameworks
  • Windows Mobile Development
  • Office and Sharepoint Development
  • Developer Tools, Languages & Practices
  • Web Development & User Experience

    You can view the several session here and don’t forget to attend my session about “Developing Mesh-Enable Applications” where will talk about what is the Live Framework and how do we need to think our application in order to address this possibility of having the same application across several different devices and all of them in sync between themselves with the less effort possible.

    So don’t forget to register and be part of this great event that is being built to you by Microsoft.

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