Install Live Mesh Developer and Beta versions Side-by-Side

One of the things I was struggling with was the possibility to have both the client version of the client working, as well as the client version.

Why do I need this?

I have several Folders shared with different people and so it’s normal that we all use the version of the client, because this is the most stable one, but when developing Mesh-Enabled Application and interacting with the new version of Mesh, the the new client is also needed, and so this causes an issue, that is who will I leave behind? Will it be all my customers and friends that I share Mesh folders with, or will it be the Mesh-Enabled Apps?

In my opinion this was an issue that should have been thought right from the start by the Live Mesh team, and so I’ve been struggling with this for some while now, but now I’ve found a solution in this Microsoft Social Entry.

Maybe it was me but it was not easy to find this solution. I think it should be more of the public knowledge, and so because of that, here is this post to help all of you that are facing the same issue.

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