More on Windows Azure Commercial Availability

     Microsoft announced on 14th July the commercial availability of Windows Azure as I posted previously and now there are more information’s about the the same subject so I decided to write again on the subject.      Important elements to retain: “During Community Technology Preview (CTP), services included in Windows Azure will be available without charge – subject to certain limits: Total compute usage: 2000 VM hours Cloud storage capacity: 50GB Total storage bandwidth: 20GB/day“ How Consumption is Measured: How Consumption is Measured? Windows Azure SLA “(…)we guarantee that when you deploy two or more role instances in different fault … Continue reading More on Windows Azure Commercial Availability

.NET RIA Services

   .NET RIA Services is a framework that is associated with Silverlight and will make the development of business applications easier.    In order to know more I decided to compile a set of articles that I think are very interesting to understand .NET RIA Services better. Have a nice reading about .NET RIA Services

Silverlight 3.0 RTW

As you might already know Silverlight 3 RTW is out and with it the great power of Silverlight 3 was unleashed. The main features made available are: Tools Expression Blend 3 RC Ability to Import Photoshop and Illustrator SketchFlow State Management Visual Studio 2010 Still in Beta 1 version but with a strong design tools for Silverlight Controls DataForm Simple control that enabled a flexible way to display data of a single entity definition. Support several methods such as Display, Edit and Update and navigating to data. DataPager This control gives Paging support such as Next/Previous and Numeric paging on … Continue reading Silverlight 3.0 RTW

Windows Azure Commercial Availability and Business Model announced

Just today in the WPC 2009 Microsoft announced the Commercial Availability and Business Model that will be used in Windows Azure and Windows Azure Service Platform, and so a brief info about the amounts involved. Windows Azure Compute – 0.12 $ per hour Storage – 0.15 $ per GB by month stored Storage Transactions – 0.01 $ per 10K   SQL Data Services Web Edition – up to 1 GB relational Database – 9.99 $ per month Business Edition – up to 10 GB relational Database – 99.99 $ per month   .NET Services (includes Service Bus, Access Control) Messages … Continue reading Windows Azure Commercial Availability and Business Model announced

Windows Azure Services Platform Changes

.NET Services July 2009 CTP Release An one more CTP of Windows Azure was made available and this one has some interesting points like Windows 7 RC Support, easier setup, but of course the large amount of changes is in terms of connecting heterogeneous environments, in terms of: Connect Applications and users Interoperability by Default, very important since it supports now even more standards than before Federation of Data, Messages, Identity and Access, that makes solutions more easier to interoperate between each other. Of course this changes occur in the spectrum of the .NET Services Bus and Access Control, since … Continue reading Windows Azure Services Platform Changes