Improvements in Entity Framework 4.0

   With .NET 4.0 a lot of new features and technologies will see the light, as long as others will get improved, and Entity Framework will be one of those technologies that will get improved.    A lot of this changes are being made on the Query pipeline, that means that are being done on the translation from Linq to SQL code, and some of the changes in Beta 1 are the following: Avoid projecting all columns in nested queries Instead of making a query for the complete set of columns and the make the projection on top of it, … Continue reading Improvements in Entity Framework 4.0

Interesting Diagram Generation Controls

Some time from now I was searching for controls that would made the generation of diagrams of several kinds, like for instance:: Network Diagram Worlflow Diagram Database Diagram Hierarchy Diagram …   Basically I was trying to find a control that would solve the problem of having to search for different controls depending on the type of diagrams I would need in my projects, an in this case the project was in Silverlight. After a lot of research and a lot of CodeProject and others that would just fit a specific problem, I came across one that solved exactly what … Continue reading Interesting Diagram Generation Controls

ADO.NET Data Services

As I already explained in a previous post, ADO.NET Data Services are very interesting since they generate a layer on top of our data model in a REST accessible way. Being this technology without any doubt very interesting and very helpful when building our solutions, we don’t always remember the notation that we should use in order to execute actions like: Sorting – orderby Filtering – filter Selection of only a determined set of elements – Top Ignore a set of records – Skip Make String operations substring endswith startswith length … Make Date operations day month year hour minute … Continue reading ADO.NET Data Services