Silverlight 4 Previewed in Amsterdam

   Silverlight 3 just got out and already we are hearing about the new version, and this is one of the huge advantages that Silverlight has (IMHO of course), because we know that they are always trying to get more into there without sacrificing the size and the cross-browser and platform of the technology.    One of the first sneaks about the new Silverlight 4 was in Amsterdam as you can read more here, in this The Inquirer article. “(…)In an early preview of Silverlight 4 media-specific features, the Vole showed off what its next generation of movie experiences could … Continue reading Silverlight 4 Previewed in Amsterdam

SaaS Architecture

   When building Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions one of the things that is very important to consider is the Multi-Tenancy of the Database, and the different approaches that available in order to achieve the best option.    The option is always the same in every part of any solution, and this is from a Fixed Solution to a Fully Configurable Solution, and a SaaS solutions normally starts somewhere in the middle, that is when different customers can have different functionalities and even different UX. But a very important thing to acknowledge is the fact that in order to … Continue reading SaaS Architecture

New Features in Visual Studio 2010

Visual Studio 2010 is approaching rapidly from the launch and with it a new set of features will also appear. One that I think is very important is the Architectural Tools that come with this new version, and elements like: Dependency Graph Filters using Direct Graph Markup Language (DGML) on top of the generated graph. Views as: Dependency Matrix Forced Direct Layout Top to Bottom Layout   Sequence Diagrams Available on the Code Editor   Unified Modeling Language (UML) Usage of UML to define the project   Use Cases (UC) Creation of Use Cases Integration with TFS, since we can … Continue reading New Features in Visual Studio 2010

Prism and .NET RIA Services

   Prism is a real interesting Guidance and was built for Silverlight 2.0, and some of the feedback I’ve received is if it works well with the new version 3.0, and so I remembered blogging about this.    The most usual questions are: 1. Does this work well with Silverlight 3 ? Yes it works fine with this new version of Silverlight. 2. Does this work well with .NET RIA Services ? Yes. They don’t only work well together, they actually complement each other, since one of the elements in the product backlog of the Prism Team was the access … Continue reading Prism and .NET RIA Services

ADO.NET Data Services v1.5 CTP2 usage in Silverlight

   After all the information’s regarding the ADO.NET Data Services v1.5 CTP2, now the Product Team launched a tutorial in how to use this version with Silverlight from another domain and also out-of-browser. And so I think this is important for everybody that is working in Silverlight. In order to know more about the subject read this post from the Product Team.