Prism and .NET RIA Services

   Prism is a real interesting Guidance and was built for Silverlight 2.0, and some of the feedback I’ve received is if it works well with the new version 3.0, and so I remembered blogging about this.

   The most usual questions are:

1. Does this work well with Silverlight 3 ?

    • Yes it works fine with this new version of Silverlight.

2. Does this work well with .NET RIA Services ?

    • Yes. They don’t only work well together, they actually complement each other, since one of the elements in the product backlog of the Prism Team was the access to server data, and since they didn’t had time to do this, .NET RIA Services can do this for them.

In order to know more about the subject read this David Hill’s post.

About how to have quick starts about Prism read this other David Hill’s post.

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