Silverlight 4 Previewed in Amsterdam

   Silverlight 3 just got out and already we are hearing about the new version, and this is one of the huge advantages that Silverlight has (IMHO of course), because we know that they are always trying to get more into there without sacrificing the size and the cross-browser and platform of the technology.

   One of the first sneaks about the new Silverlight 4 was in Amsterdam as you can read more here, in this The Inquirer article.

“(…)In an early preview of Silverlight 4 media-specific features, the Vole showed off what its next generation of movie experiences could do even when saddled with its offline PlayReady DRM. (…)

“(…) A spokes Vole said that Silverlight 4 will enable movie studios to offer network-delivered updates, special offers and live events, and flog more than just one or two movies to punters (…)

I say, hum interesting, I would love to know more about the new features so I’ll keep blogging when that happens.

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